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About us

We're on a mission to make holistic health practices safe and accessible online.

Our values


Bring transparency and fairness to the holistic health world.


We use kindness by default while we embrace all our human facets. 


Thinking, saying, and feeling in the same direction. 


The attitude of always being ready to help others with genuine care.

Our why

Hi there! Florencia here 👋🏼  This feels like a long ride... and it's only getting started!

For several years I've been seeking well-being practices to live a more balanced and fulfilling life. I met practitioners and experienced a wide range of holistic health practices.

My combined background in international relations and well-being brought me from Uruguay to Paris in 2019. I started working for an NGO supporting the mental health and well-being of social change makers. There, I experienced burnout as we helped others prevent it. 

Through the months of recovery I realized there was no way back for me into joining again another 'brilliant mission', and hope for a purposeful and coherent leadership. 

I decided my way forward was to create that place for holistic health where people can explore, feel and heal in a trustworthy environment.

Thanks to lots learning, some mentors and supporters along the way:

We're making holistic health practices safe and accessible online. For everyone deserves to be secure especially in their most vulnerable times. 

We're committed to supporting women first to feel empowered in their holistic health. We are creating a space where all women may feel safe in their choice of practitioners, as they explore holistic practices with the aim to lead a more fulfilled life.

The team

Florencia Holius Founder

Florencia A.Canto

Founder and Director

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begona abaitua.jpg

Begoña Abaitua

Community Builder

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