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Explore.  Feel.  Heal.

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About this Practice

I offer a progressive learning and an improvement process that helps you create new abilities and enhance your functions and performance.

My approach is quite unique as I apply the ingenious Feldenkrais method and the powerful aquatic Therapy Watsu® to provide you with more options to activate and accelerate your learning and improvement process.

Most of our pain and injuries are caused by our habits, the way we move and perform a function. How we use oneself to perform our daily routines throughout life. To be able to change or improve any kind of habitual pattern one has first to become aware of it.

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Gaya Kiel

"We can all tap into our brain's power to change."

From a an early age, the human body, the muscular-skeletal system and movement have intrigued me. The more I learned the more I became amazed by how everything was connected, how the mind and emotion affected the physical body and vice versa. Since 2016 I have had the opportunity to work with many adults and children with great challenges and to guide them through a transforming process, developing abilities and help them function beyond their medical diagnosis. It is a very enriching and fascinating work! I’m always amazed at every individual’s capacity to learn and evolve. Most importantly, as we all are individuals, there has to be a dialogue, a connection for the leaning process to take place. Like in all languages and cultures we have something to learn from each other. Movement is simply another expression, another language. When the progress is not happening the way we'd want to, we start the search for the key, for what is missing to discover what has to change so the individual can learn and grow.

Our Holius

Gaya's wisdom is both great and humble.

A true sage when it comes to holistic bodily well-being, yet she's able to accompany our healing process in beautiful simplicity.

We recommend her after knowing her in the entrepreneurial journey. Our Founder Florencia has shared a year-long program with Gaya and had the opportunity to test her practice and exchange often where they share visions in terms of holistic health. Thus, we attest to the love she puts into her practice and the deep knowledge Gaya possesses as a Feldenkrais teacher and Watsu therapist.

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If you are not sure which practice or practitioner to choose, contact us to have a free discovery call with our team. We can help you choose based on your needs. 

Explore.  Feel.  Heal.

Holius © 2024

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