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Personal Growth with Horses

Explore.  Feel.  Heal.

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About this Practice

Communicating and learning with horses is communicating and learning about yourself. While establishing a special bond with the horse you will receive what you need to know to grow as a person.

In our sessions whether in person or online we will become the horse. This means tapping in our Integral Consciousness (physical, psychic and energetic) because communication between horses is based precisely on bodily, mental and attitudinal elements which we can only imitate if we remain conscious and attentive as much as possible, so that the equine keeps us in mind.

Communicating with the horse in a polite and respectful way activates and raises your level of consciousness, and consequently you receive a clear vision of what you need to know about yourself and your environment in order to improve.

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Wilka Pascual Neuman

"My greatest desire is to contribute to You what the Master Horse has provided me: Consciousness, Humanity and Quality of Life."

Ms. Wilka has a special bond with horses since he was born in 1984. Daughter of a German mother and a Spanish father she now lives in Spain. As a multilingual she holds sessions in Spanish, German, Catalan, English and French. Curiosity: from a very young age she would say she wanted to be a (modern age) chivalry. Fascinated by these animals she knew they would be her companions in her life and profession and that together with them she could offer true value to the world. She has researched for years how to better understand and communicate with equines. During her childhood she lived among horses that her family acquired to support her passion for such wonderful animals. At the age of six she met the one she would later discover was her first Battle Horse. In her teenage she learned to train and work with horses for the modalities of Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing in line with the German school of sport riding. With years of accumulated experience she had the realization that most times the horse would not understand what was being asked of him by the human. "The horse would not understand what I had been taught to ask him". The animal would read some fear and there was a misunderstanding with many equines with whom she worked and who gave her so many extraordinary experiences. It is very difficult for horses to understand the way most people "tame" them. Ms. Wilka has always felt that there must be another system to act and to communicate with the horse. At some point --they say when the student is ready-- that method was introduced to her as well as her Master. Our practitioner knew that day that her life and those of the horses that she worked with would change forever. She is a hippology expert with the Centaur Method and you are welcome to come and discover!

Our Holius

Doña Wilka is an inspiration. Meet her and be amazed by her knowledge and manner rooted in the ancient relationship between horse and knight.

I met Doña Wilka when we shared a year-long program in which we learned how to take our passion businesses to the Internet. Now here we are, crossing paths once again sharing the purpose of making holistic wellness accessible online.

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If you are not sure which practice or practitioner to choose, contact us to have a free discovery call with our team. We can help you choose based on your needs. 

Explore.  Feel.  Heal.

Holius © 2024

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