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Regression Therapy & Inner Well-being Coaching

Explore.  Feel.  Heal.

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About this Practice

Sheela's unique approach combines various coaching modalities, ranging from brain-based techniques to emotion-focused methodologies. With a perfect blend of logic and intuition, she guides her clients toward inner clarity and empowers them to tap into their soul's wisdom. 

You will embark on an incredible voyage of self-discovery, healing, and personal empowerment. Embrace the opportunity to work with a compassionate and insightful professional who is truly dedicated to your inner transformation and wellbeing. 

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Past/Current Life Regression [Sheela]

A heart-based complementary therapy technique that taps into your deep memory and beyond.


Aim: To bring clarity and closure at the heart-and-mind level, to maximise your personal potential through soulful insights Benefits: Minimise/mitigate mental-emotional-and-spiritual distress Method: Brain-based Coaching and Guided Visualisation combined with Regression Therapy techniques Who: For individuals who enjoy exploring their inner world and deep memory for inspiration, solutions and wisdom Where : Online or in-person in Munich



Trial Session [Sheela]

Have a taste of this complementary therapy and take great value from it.


Includes consultation & a guided visualisation session.



Sheela Jaganathan

"I believe that every person has a unique soul story waiting to be told". 

An inspiring and multi-talented life coach and regression therapist. Born and raised in Malaysia, Sheela began her career as a litigation lawyer and recruiting specialist in bustling Kuala Lumpur before her path led her to Germany. Her adventures took her to Shanghai and Singapore, where she embraced her true calling and underwent extensive training to become a highly skilled regression therapist and life coach. Sheela's expertise is backed by an array of certifications in hypnotherapy, past life regression therapy, spiritual regression, and brain-based coaching. Since 2012, she has been dedicated to her private practice, offering transformative one-on-one sessions both online and in-person in Munich. Additionally, she leads customized workshops and retreats that focus on inner journeying and emotional well-being, providing her clients with immersive and transformative experiences. In Munich, she hosts well-being circles specifically tailored to support expats in their quest for inner well-being.

Our Holius

Sheela has a reassuring presence that's quintessential for the role she embodies as a regression therapist. She is skilled asking the right questions at the right time, which helps bringing clarity and direction.

While we shared a month-long co-living experience, I read her book "Hello Me!" which felt very therapeutical. We had several chances to discuss deep topics around holistic well-being usually with a focus on spirituality. In that realm Sheela is a wonderful companion to help us explore the unknown with ease.

Discover more!

If you are not sure which practice or practitioner to choose, contact us to have a free discovery call with our team. We can help you choose based on your needs. 

Explore.  Feel.  Heal.

Holius © 2024

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