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Systemic Coaching Specialized in Womanhood

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About this Practice

Constellations are a therapeutic approach designed to help reveal the hidden dynamics of a person, family or relationship. It identifies the stressors in any situation, showing us what the root cause of a problem is – where it comes from, what is needed for a resolution and how to get there. 

You can imagine it like a theater play. Imagine actors playing out your issue that, until then, only existed in your head/inside world. For the first time, you will see which parts of you are sabotaging your goals, which hidden beliefs or invisible strings are keeping you stuck. You can see the underlying dynamics of your problems and this will make the path to the solution visible and clear.

Private sessions are personalized for every client, but it has many similarities to the Constellation Approach, mentioned above. Before we dive any deeper, we have a free session where you can tell me more of the topics that you would like to discover, and you can get an insight into how I work as your coach.

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Tamara Ardeljan

“Self-knowledge is no guarantee of happiness, but it is on the side of happiness and can supply the courage to fight for it.” - Simone de Beauvoir

My journey started over 10 years ago when I began asking deep questions in my own life. What I found on that path changed me forever. I am more than dedicated to spreading this feeling of true freedom, authenticity, and empowerment to as many women as I can. I am a trauma-sensitive Systemic Coach and specialized in womanhood, inner child work, and self-love. My mission is to identify and release blockages in women, so they can live in their power and create the lives they desire. I graduated as an Integral Systemic Coach in Vienna, Austria in 2017, after which I started working in different psychological institutes, where I had my own experimental group of specialists, to deepen the method of Constellations, and worked with several clients before I moved to Portugal. Now with Pushparani Healing I share my individual approach and support women through their journey in Portugal and online.

Our Holius

It was my pleasure to have crossed paths with Tamara during a fellowship program for women entrepreneurs. She is a committed therapists. She has the grace and strength to accompany the deepest healing processes, for she has gone through her own.

Ever evolving she keeps her knowledge updated as research develops. These are a must in any well-rounded holistic professional. Her values and integrity are clear and aligned with ours. I'd recommend her wholeheartedly for whom resonates with a systemic approach.

Discover more!

If you are not sure which practice or practitioner to choose, contact us to have a free discovery call with our team. We can help you choose based on your needs. 

Explore.  Feel.  Heal.

Holius © 2024

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