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1:1 Consultation Package [Amy]

Personalized guidance to discover the unique herbal allies, foods and practices that'll nourish you.

Service Description

3x Consultations Package for an In Depth Process. To support you on your healing journey I draw from 15+ years of experience and an extensive holistic toolkit! This health - affirming consultation is an opportunity to: *Assess* Uncover your individual nutritional and lifestyle requirements during a 1 hour zoom meeting that includes a thorough review of your health history, health concerns, diet, lifestyle & habits, supplements and personal goals. *Understand* I educate on the why and how to cultivate habits and make decisions that nourish your unique body. *Implement* You feel empowered to implement customized, practical recommendations that may include lifestyle, dietary, nutritional & herbal supplements, aromatherapy, mindfulness and somatic movement practices. We work together to create an individualized protocol & toolkit that works for you. THIS CONSULTATION IS FOR YOU IF YOU'RE READY TO: → Deepen your understanding of your health. → Find clarity in the sea of confusing information and mis-information about diets & herbal medicines. → Feel empowered and confident in your health affirming choices (no more trying various diets and healing modalities with minimal results!). → Transform habits and cultivate long-lasting vitality. → Experience greater vitality and control of your health. → Partner with an experienced and compassionate guide while you navigate a life transition, illness or major life event. → If you feel a “yes” in your gut, then I look forward to collaborating with you to develop a tailored toolkit that nourishes you deeply and provides the vital foundation for you to live your healthiest and most meaningful life. IT INCLUDES: → A health History and 1-hour Initial Zoom Meeting. → Personal Nutritional, Herbal & Lifestyle Assessment. → Customized Plan that includes diet, supplement & lifestyle recommendations, emailed to you. → Two 50 minute follow up zoom meetings. Additional follow-up visits can be scheduled to evaluate your progress and adjust recommendations to your unique plan and herbal formula(s) as needed. Your needs will determine the frequency of visits. Generally, monthly follow-up visits are recommended for those with specific goals that require tracking. Some clients visit seasonally to maintain and grow resiliency through the year 🌿

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